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WCGCC August 2021 Events 

Working For The Good Of West Columbia Gorge Communities And Commerce  When our West Columbia Gorge communities come together, anything is possible. The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce encourages business owners and other interested citizens […]

West Columbia Gorge Members: Cherry Park Plaza 

Promoting The Interests Of West Columbia Gorge Together  If you live or work in the West Columbia Gorge area and would like to work together with other citizens and businesses to promote our regional […]

West Columbia Gorge Members: Cascadia Arts Association 

Promoting The Interests Of West Columbia Gorge Together  The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization made of West Columbia Gorge citizens and businesses. Together, we invest our time, money, and efforts into […]

Welcoming New WCGCC Members!

West Columbia Gorge Chamber Of Commerce Helps West Columbia Gorge Thrive  The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce is dedicating to helping our local West Columbia Gorge communities and businesses thrive. Join West Columbia Gorge Chamber of […]

WCGCC May 2021 Events 

Support Your Community By Joining the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce  Are you interested in helping your business to grow while supporting the interests of the West Columbia Gorge area? Do you want […]

West Columbia Gorge Members: Black Rock Coffee Bar 

Promoting Businesses In The West Columbia Gorge Area  When you choose to join the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce, you and your business gain access to a community that will support you […]

WCGCC Welcomes New Members

Improving West Columbia Gorge For The People And Local Businesses  One of the best ways we can work towards the common interests of the West Columbia Gorge area is to do it together. If […]