Cherry Park Plaza 

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If you live or work in the West Columbia Gorge area and would like to work together with other citizens and businesses to promote our regional interests, don’t hesitate to join the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce! The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to furthering the civic, industrial, commercial, and general interests of the West Columbia Gorge region. 

Member Highlights: Cherry Park Plaza Senior Living Community. 

The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce would not exist without our valued members. Today, we’re highlighting one of those valued members – Cherry Park Plaza Senior Living Community. 

Cherry Park Plaza Senior Living Community is located in Troutdale, OR, and is dedicated to helping seniors by providing the level of care they need. After all, senior care living shouldn’t be one size fits all when there are different individual needs among those who seek out such care. At Cherry Park Plaza, seniors can choose between three different levels of care. 

The first level is independent living. This level is perfect for active seniors who would benefit from the support and ease provided by living in a private as part of a community.  

The second level of assisted living for seniors is an option that provides extra personal care around the clock. This level is good for seniors who want to maintain some independence but need a little extra help to improve their quality of life. 

The third level is for seniors who have dementia and need a secure living situation. This level provides memory care in all aspects of assisted living. Seniors at the third level of care receive help from caregivers who understand the nuances and needs of people suffering from dementia. 

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The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to connecting commerce and communities to create economic vitality. We know the values of integrity, community, leadership, and commerce. We envision a bright future for our members and for the entire Columbia West Gorge area. Together we can transform the West Columbia Gorge into a dynamic economic force in the Northwest business community. Interested in joining us? Simply contact us or call 503-669-7473 today to learn more.