WCGCC Works Together With Locals To Promoting The Interests Of West Columbia Gorge 

What is the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce? We’re a non-profit organization dedicated to making a joint effort to further the interests and goals of our West Columbia Gorge communities. If you live or work in the West Columbia Gorge area and want to make a difference, join the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce today. 

Member Highlights: Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance 

This week the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce would like to take the opportunity to highlight one of our valued members – the Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance. The Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance is a non-profit organization that is dedicated not only to helping tourism in the West Columbia Gorge area thrive, but also to making tourism sustainable in West Columbia Gorge. Much like the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce, the Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance consists of local businesses, organizations, and individuals banding together for the good of the West Columbia Gorge area. 

They believe in optimizing the positive impacts that come with the visitor economy while also protecting the region. Members of this alliance work to protect and enhance the scenic, natural, cultural, and recreational resources local to the West Columbia Gorge Areas. They also take the time to spread the economical benefits of tourism by highlighting local communities that are off the beaten path. If you’re interested in promoting tourism to the West Columbia Gorge area while also making tourism safe and sustainable, consider supporting the Columbia Gorge Tourism Alliance! 

Stay tuned for more member highlights from the WCGCC. 

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