Support The Interests Of The West Columbia Gorge Area Together With WCGCC 

The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce is eager to support the interests and goals of our West Columbia Gorge communities – and we’re eager to have the help of individuals and businesses from West Columbia Gorge! Join the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce today if you, too want to support advancing the interests of our communities. 

Upcoming WCGCC September 2021 Events 

We’re making the turn into fall, and the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce is excited to have events lined up for September. Check out our event calendar to see everything we have planned for the upcoming month and more! 

First Friday – September 3rd 

As always, the first Friday of the month is First Friday in Troutdale! Join us in Troutdale on the main street thoroughfare from 5 PM to 9 PM for great art, great food, and great music! We look forward to seeing you there! 

Wood Village City Hall Celebration – September 17th 

On September 17th, a Friday, Wood Village will be celebrating the grand opening of their City Hall! The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce will be present to perform the ribbon cutting. Check the Wood Village City Hall Celebration to stay updated about the hours of this event. 

Fall Festival of Arts – September 18th-19th  

The Fall Festival of Arts will be happening in Troutdale, OR on September 18th from 10 AM to 6 PM and September 19th from 10 AM to 4 PM. In an attempt to make social distancing easier for those attending the event, the Fall Festival of Arts will be taking place in Glen Otto Park as well as two additional sites within a block from the park. You can enjoy the events of Troutdale’s Fall Festival of Arts at the Art Center and Caswell Sculpture Gardens in addition to the park. 

Become A Member Of The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce 

The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to connecting commerce and communities to create economic vitality. We know the values of integrity, community, leadership, and commerce. We envision a bright future for our members and for the entire Columbia West Gorge area. Together we can transform the West Columbia Gorge into a dynamic economic force in the Northwest business community. Interested in joining us? Simply contact us or call 503-669-7473 today to learn more.