Enjoy a day visit to Dry Creek Falls by starting your hike at the Bridge of the Gods Trailhead located off the Cascade Locks exit from the I-84 going East along the Columbia River Gorge. This hike is easy to do and fun for the entire family. The total distance is 4.4 mile with an elevation gain of 710 feet. No matter the time of year it is never dry at Dry Creek Falls, dress accordingly and have a great hike. More about the Dry Creek Falls hike below.

The Crest Trail heads gradually uphill, never too steep, through a pretty, dappled sun kind of forest. In the spring, forest wildflowers including columbines are common here. About 1 mile in, you’ll come to a powerline access road. Turn right here and follow the road a short distance under the powerlines to the resumption of the trail. Soon after the powerline road, you’ll come to a minor summit and the trail begins a gradual descent to Dry Creek. This section of trail heads gradually downward through an interesting area of large lava boulders and trees for almost another mile.

At Dry Creek, the trail comes to another dirt road. This one seems to be open to normal traffic, at least I saw a small, 2 wheel drive pickup last time I was there. The Crest Trail crosses the road and then crosses Dry Creek on a wooden bridge. To get to Dry Creek Falls, instead of crossing the bridge, turn right here and head up the road about 2/10 of a mile to the falls. At the end of the road, there’s a car turnaround and a fire pit.

Find more details about hiking Dry Creek Falls at: www.oregonhikers.org/field_guide/Dry_Creek_Falls_Hike

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