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Member Highlights: Crown Point Refuse 

Here at the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce, we take great pride in each and every one of our members. That’s why we take time to put a spotlight on each member whenever we can! 

Today, we’re turning our spotlight on Crown Point Refuse. For nearly three decades, Crown Point Refuse has provided an essential service to the people of the Corbett and the East Multnomah County area. Crown Point Refuse offers a variety of services for the convenience of Corbett and East Multnomah County locals. 

Residential Services 

Do you need refuse hauled off from your residence? Crown Point Refuse offers a variety of options to meet your personal needs disposal and recycling needs.  

Business Services 

Crown Point Refuse doesn’t just work in residential areas. They are eager to help local businesses with their disposal needs as well. 

Drop Box Services 

Have a large disposal project? Crown Point Refuse can help. Crown Point Refuse rents drop boxes for a wide range of jobs. 

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