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Contact: Teresa Fierro, Store Manager

Address: 1108 NW Frontage Rd., Troutdale Oregon 97060

The Boot Barn Story

Boot Barn® has grown from its modest origins as a family-run storefront to over 200 locations in 29 states, and it is the embodiment of the American dream of grit, integrity, and value. Little did the company’s founder Ken Meany know when he launched that first store that his vision and beliefs would go on to influence what Boot Barn® is today. Despite the fact that we are a much larger firm, we continue to value the straightforward honesty that a family-run enterprise embodies. We put a lot of effort into ensuring that every Boot Barn® provides you with the same personalized experience that Ken started years ago, from California to Florida, from North Dakota to Texas and Louisiana.

We respect America’s heritage—our heritage—at Boot Barn®. We favor affordable goods that are of high quality. And for you and your family, we’ve packed our shelves with high-quality western and work gear. Over 8,000 different designs of boots, pants, shirts, caps, belts, jewelry, and more. The most recent designs from well-known companies like Wrangler, Ariat, Justin, Carhartt, Dan Post, Resistol, Montana Silversmith, and countless others.

At, we are now busy boxing up boots, replenishing inventory, and verifying each purchase. You can use our 50,000 square foot, flawlessly-run, shop ’til you drop, awesome-stuff warehouse. Additionally, a skilled team to guarantee that your order is accurate the first time. Each time. Look us up… We’ll outfit you from head to toe and provide you with the level of service you’d anticipate from a business that respects its history, employees, and the community. It’s what we stand for. We also know that you do.

Member Highlight: Boot Barn

The WCGCC is proud to count the Troutdale Boot Barn among our members. It may surprise you to learn that Boot Barn, a brand that now boasts over 200 stores in 29 states, once started as a humble family-run storefront. Boot Barn is a perfect example of what is possible in pursuit of the American Dream. With hard work, honesty, and value, success is within your reach. Even today, Boot Barn embraces that special brand of down-home honesty that is so tied to the essence of a family-run business.

Boot Barn provides high-quality western and work gear for a great value. With thousands of styles of boots, jeans, shirts, hats, belts, jewelry, and more from brands you know and love, lovers of western style and quality work gear are sure to find something that suits their needs at Boot Barn.

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