West Columbia Gorge Members: Bonneville Lock & Dam Visitor Center 

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Member Highlight: Bonneville Lock & Dam Visitor Center 

Today, we’re highlighting the Bonneville Lock & Dam Visitor Center as one of our members. The Bonneville Lock & Dam is a pillar in our local area that plays several crucial roles for the area. Not only is the Bonneville Lock & Dam responsible for power generation in the Pacific Northwest, but also flood risk management, water quality improvement, irrigation, and fish and wildlife habitat and recreation.  

Today the Bonneville Lock & Dam Visitor Center is a national historic landmark. The dam is named for Army Captain Benjamin Bonneville, a visionary who led explorations of the Oregon area and was responsible for charting extensive sections of what we eventually came to call the Oregon Trail. Histrionically known for being a project that provided jobs during The Great Depression, its role in location transportation, and its contributions to local industrial development, the Bonneville Lock & Dam is part of what has made life as we know it possible in the Pacific Northwest. The visitor center features Colonial-Revival style architecture that offers visitors a look into the past.  

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