West Columbia Gorge Members: Black Rock Coffee Bar 

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When you choose to join the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce, you and your business gain access to a community that will support you and help your business grow. The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce gives businesses the opportunity to grow by promoting them and providing a way for local businesses to network. After all, what’s good for businesses in the West Columbia Gorge area is good for our local communities as well. Help us improve commerce and promote our communities interests when you join the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce. 

Member Highlight: Black Rock Coffee Bar 

Black Rock Coffee Bar is a coffee shop business that prioritizes supporting the communities their stores are a part of. Black Rock Coffee Bar helps to fuel your story. Not only does Black Rock Coffee Bar provide excellence in their delicious crafted coffee drinks, but also in how they build relationships with their customers. Your Black Rock Coffee Bar team will strive to find ways to support their neighborhoods. Our teams hold each other to high standards to make sure they are offering the best service to our customers and to their communities. 

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