Working Together For The Good Of West Columbia Gorge 

Do you own a business in the West Columbia Gorge area? Are you interested in networking with other businesses and individuals to improve both your individual business and promote the interests of West Columbia Gorge? Then join the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce! Members of the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce work together to support local community and businesses. 

Upcoming April 2021 Events 

Mark the following days down on your calendars, West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce members! 

Coffee Chat – April 7th 

The first coffee Coffee Chat in April will be led by Amy Byers, manager of Motel 6. Amy will discuss the latest news with our Motel 6 branch and how the Motel 6 strives to meet safety requirements and pandemic mandates. 

Coffee Chat – April 14th  

Ed Chin leads the next Coffee Chat of the month and will be discussing business related to All About Adventure Excursions. All About Adventure Excursion connects their customers to the best fisheries in the northwest and more! 

Coffee Chat – April 21st 

Join Baily Lalum for the next Coffee Chat of April, which will cover the latest about Cherry Park Plaza Senior Living Community 

Coffee Chat – April 28th 

Finally, our last Coffee Chat of April will take place with Jim Jackson of the Bateman Carroll Funeral Home. Don’t miss the latest with his WCGCC member! 

Become A Member Of The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce 

The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to connecting commerce and communities to create economic vitality. We know the values of integrity, community, leadership, and commerce. We envision a bright future for our members and for the entire Columbia West Gorge area. Together we can transform the West Columbia Gorge into a dynamic economic force in the Northwest business community. Interested in joining us? Simply contact us or call 503-669-7473 today to learn more.