Wahkeena Falls

Posted by West Columbia Gorge Chamber on Thursday, July 21, 2016

This beautiful trail is great easy hike for the family this summer! Waterfalls and bridges and beautiful scenery this almost 3 mile hike is a great excursion for the family!

This beautiful trail starts by crossing a wooden bridge over Wahkeena Creek. Be sure to head right here; the trail to the left leads to Multnomah Falls. The trail climbs to a stone bridge at the base of Wahkeena Falls, where spray on the trail here is year-round. In the winter, this can get very icy. The trail then starts up a steep section, climbing about 400 feet in half a mile. At the top of this first climb, you’ll crest a ridge. Follow the pavement out to the point, called Lemmon’s Viewpoint. Return the route you ascended. 

Learn more at: gorgefriends.org/hike-the-gorge/wahkeena-falls.html

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