One of Portland Oregon’s residents by the name of Tim has a blog, Tim Kills Cancer Here, where he reports the progress of his Chemo sessions. Tim also documents how he is spending his time while on a week’s worth of rest, as ordered by the doctor. The week off was spent traveling the Columbia River Gorge while enjoying his time away from the hospital, checkout his video of Latourell Falls above. Read about Tim’s experience after visiting the waterfalls, below

Afterwards we drove to Cascade Locks and stopped in at Thunder Island Brewing for a pint and a Coke. Yep, Angie had the pint and I had the Coke. That’s how I still know that I’m not 100% – beer tastes funky. It’s a personal hell I’m battling through. If you haven’t been to Thunder Island Brewing, I highly recommend it the next time you’re in the Gorge.

SRC: Learn more about Tim’s efforts to Kill Cancer at:

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