MEMALOOSE HILLS, near Mosier, Ore., April 29, 2014: At the peak of the spring wildflower bloom in the Memaloose Hills, between Mosier and Rowena Crest. Terry Richard/The Oregonian

Terry Richard has been reporting on travel and outdoor recreation for The Oregonian since 1973. He knows his stuff and the best spots to view wildflowers in the Columbia River Gorge in the spring. His top 3 include: Dalles Mountain, Memaloose Hills, and Catherine Creek. Read his description of Memaloose Hills below.

2. Memaloose Hills: An unmarked trail from I-84’s Memaloose rest area near Mosier; best to go with an organized group (or drive rural roads south and east of Mosier to see entire slopes ablaze in color). An informal access is a quartermile south on March Cut-off Road from the Historic Columbia River Highway. There is a small pull off area on the west for access to about a square mile of public lands. The photos with this post were taken April 29, 2014.

SRC: Learn Terry’s Complete top 10 Wildflower Hikes at: Oregon Live.

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