Hiking Mt. Hood and The Columbia River Gorge opens opportunities you may not have realized were right outside your door. Hiking to the top of the 2nd most climbed mountain, Mt. Hood, provides the opportunity to discover ice caves and the feeling of being on top of the world. One step onto a trail along The Columbia River Gorge will put you in a wonderland of waterfalls, greenery and wildlife. Follow along this tour of hiking Mt. Hood and The Columbia River Gorge to get a taste the inspiration Oregon’s natural wonders can create. Learn about the one of a kind Eagle Creek Trail below.

Fully elated by the glacial views, we run down to the trailhead and drive to Hood River to grab a quick bite to eat.  Our next stop is Eagle Creek, one of the significant tributaries that flows into the Columbia Gorge, and also home to an impressive early fall Salmon run in the lower pools.  Eagle Creek Trail #440 follows the canyon nearly 14 miles upstream past numerous waterfalls and along adrenalin-pumping cliff faces.

SRC: Want to hike these trails in person? Find detailed descriptions and locations for each of the trails toured in the video at: traveloregon.com/trip-ideas/itineraries/hiking-tour-of-mt-hood-and-the-gorge/

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