The Mt Hood and the Columbia River Gorge make up two of the seven wonders of Oregon. See the sights of these Oregon wonders without taking a step outside but be warned the beauty of these National Scenic Areas will motivate you to embrace the great outdoors. Watch the video above to get a taste of what beautiful opportunities are awaiting any bicyclist that is willing to hit the trails. Read about a few of the Columbia River Gorge’s sightseeing opportunities below.

Sightseeing tourists have long been acquainted with the Columbia River Scenic Highway, intricately carved into the landscape of the Gorge from Troutdale to past The Dalles. But large sections of this old historic highway are now reclaimed for foot traffic and bicycle enthusiasts only. There may be no more exhilarating way to spend a morning than lightly pedaling a paved road once constructed for the Model T Sunday drive. Our morning ride takes us from The Mark O. Hatfield Trailhead just east of Hood River through the Mosier Twin Tunnels and back for an easy 10 mile round trip. Along the way it is impossible to ignore the postcard dramatic views of the Columbia River Gorge. The inner child is sure to emerge when swooping through the two tunnels along the trail and it would be completely appropriate to let out the same whoop as the first day you learned to ride.

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