STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, this was the first STEAM Career Day held by The Gorge Technology Alliance (GTA), and is hoped to become an annual event. All seventh graders in the Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Skamania and Klicktat counties were invited to participate in this event. Some of the presenters included Google, Insitu, CGCC Renewable Energy Technology Program, just to name a few. Read more about the success of this event below.

“We support school groups coming to the CGCC campus regularly,” said Suzanne Burd, “so it was a natural fit. Today was the most we’ve had at any one time though!” Students watched a small 3D printer in action and multicopters being flown, went inside an ambulance and Insitu’s control truck, learned the importance of story development in videography and much more.
“The feedback we received was wonderful,” Ann Harris said. “I didn’t have opportunities like this when I was growing up. If even just one student decides to pursue a career in these areas as a result of today, I think we’ll all consider it a success.”
The Gorge Technology Alliance supports, connects and develops the technology community of the Columbia River Gorge with networking and educational events, business support and promotion, workforce development and youth robotics. 

SRC: Learn more about STEAM and the GTA at: The Dalles Chronicle.

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