Start a Business Here


Small communities in the midst of a metropolitan area are a perfect mix for entrepreneurs seeking to start or relocate their business. The communities of Cascade Locks, Troutdale, Wood Village and Fairview are all located either in or near the Portland metropolitan boundary, and have that mix of lower cost land, willing labor forces, and living opportunities that allow a small business to start, or to flourish. Equally important, you will have the ability to live work and play in a wonderful natural environment.

Small communities utilize a customer oriented approach to our business partners. You are not a number or “another”, you are an individual that will receive individual attention and support. Our communities have incentives in place in to help get you started, you can initiate tenant improvements with fees for permits waived in Troutdale and Wood Village, and receive other special support in the other communities. In all our communities, the land use process is swift, and you can quickly get answers to your land use issues, building issues or other potential permitting and licensing issues. Along with our local programs, the State of Oregon offers a wonderful package of programs, including:

Come visit and let our region show you why this is the place for your small business.