Interested in Sasquatch? The Columbia Gorge Discovery Center will be full of Big Foot enthusiusts, Saturday December 28th 2013. Dinner sold out but the exhibit will be on display through Febuary 23rd 2014. Read more about this event below.

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center presents “Sasquatch Revealed,” a new exhibit opening Saturday, Dec. 28. An evening dinner presentation is sold out, but an afternoon presentation at 3 p.m. has been added to the schedule for those who still wish to hear Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Chris Murphy and Thomas Steenburg. Cost is $15 for non-members, and $10 for members. Space is limited. 

This exhibit draws from all the available scientific research and evidence compiled to date on the hominoid known as Sasquatch, or Bigfoot. The display, curated by Christopher Murphy of Vancouver, British Columbia, will be at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center through Feb. 23. Explore audio segments, view a gallery of footprint and handprint casts, reports of sightings in Wasco County and United States, newspaper reports, comparative skulls, and artist renditions.


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