Check out what the Columbia River Gorge has to offer including riding the waves created behind the Sternwheeler. Above is Dan Gavere riding the wake of a sternwheeler, but keep in mind this is for the experienced. Read more about this adventure below.

A standup paddleboard enthusiast has surfed the wake of beautiful sternwheeler, as the river boat made his journey through the Columbia River Gorge, between Oregon and Washington.
The quality of the wave is impressive. Although it may seem an endless ride, the wake produced by the giant boat is not always stable. So if you’re the next customer, prepare for several unsuccessful attempts.
Dan Gavere has been “sternwheel surfing”, at least, since 2011. What more can be invented, when it comes to wave riding?

 SRC: View more pictures of this sport at Surfer Today.

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