Regional Cooperative Marketing Program

Regional Cooperative Marketing Plan

The West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce is an Oregon Destination Marketing Organization recognized by the tourism industry to represent the West end of the Gorge. Included in the West Gorge are the communities of Wood Village, Troutdale, Springdale, Corbett, Bridal Veil, and Cascade Locks. Major attractions represented in the region include the Sandy River Delta, Vista House, Multnomah Falls and Bonneville Dam.

A Destination Marketing Organization is an organization whose primary function is to attract visitors to its locale for the purpose of enhancing the local economy through purchase of room nights, food and beverage, retail items, transportation, visitor services, etc. In Oregon, local DMO’s work with their Regional Destination Marketing Organization to cooperatively leverage budgets, advertising, services, and information for the benefit of all tourism entities in the region. Our regional area is called, Mt Hood/ Columbia River Gorge. The other 6 tourism regions are: Oregon Coast, Greater Portland, Willamette Valley, Southern Oregon, Central Oregon, and Eastern Oregon.

Regional Cooperative Marketing Plan, RCMP

Under the 1 percent statewide lodging tax legislation, the Oregon Tourism Commission (OTC) dba Travel Oregon (TO) may appropriate up to 15 percent of the revenue for use in cooperative regional and multi-regional marketing efforts among Oregon’s seven tourism regions.
The goals of the Regional Cooperative Marketing Program are to:

  • Maximize the benefits to Oregon’s economy from the statewide lodging tax
  • Encourage multi-region and targeted niche marketing
  • Formalize simple, straightforward RCMP procedures
  • Maximize benefits from RCMP funds to the regions
  • Leverage OTC’s programs
  • Deliver consistent messages, outstanding experiences and efficient use of resources
  • Minimize RCMP-related administrative workload on the OTC and the regions

The Travel Oregon team continues to dedicate significant time and resources to provide an effective and efficient RCMP planning process. They convene in-person planning summits and supplemental conference calls as needed with the seven Regional Destination Marketing Organizations (RDMOs) to cover project updates and brainstorm joint initiatives.

To see current plan, metrics and budget for the Mt Hood/ Columbia River Gorge go to the Mt. Hood & Columbia River Gorge RCMP page

RCMP Committee

The Mt. Hood/Gorge region includes portions of Multnomah, Wasco and Clackamas
Counties, and all of Hood River County.

  • RCMP / DMO partners:
    – Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs is the recognized fiscal agent and
    Administrator for the region
  • Danielle Cowan, Executive Director, Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural
  • Jeannine Breshears, Destination Marketing Manager, Clackamas County
    Tourism & Cultural Affairs
  • Lizzie Keenan, PR/Program Specialist, Hood-Gorge Region
  • Kate Schroeder, Executive Director, Hood River County Chamber of Commerce 
  • Lisa Farquharson, Executive Director, The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce