Raven Skyriver’s exhibition, Submerge, will be shown at Maryhill Museum of Art until November 15. This amazing display of glass blown, marine creatures has been visiting Maryhill since March 15, 2015. Come view Skyriver’s lifelike sculptors while his spectacular art can still be seen at Maryhill.

Raven Skyriver began his glass art career at the age of sixteen, blowing glass in a studio that he built himself and learning techniques under the tutelage of his mentor Lark Dalton. He later traveled to Italy to train in Venetian technique, returned to the Northwest and worked at Pilchuck Glass School, and subsequently joined William Morris’ production team for seven years; it was there that Skyriver honed his skill in Morris’ unique techniques and learned to create sculptural glass. Drawing inspiration from nature, specifically the San Juan Islands where he grew up, Skyriver primarily sculpts marine creatures, exploring the connections between humans, animals and the environment that binds us.

SRC: For directions to Maryhill Museum of Art, and for admission information visit: business.hoodriver.org/events/details/raven-skyriver-submerge-6505

SRC: To view Raven Skyriver’s gallery click here: www.ravenskyriver.com/portfolio.html

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