Next time you’re in Hood River, OR after a day hiking or picking fresh fruit, stop by Pfriem Family Brewers for tasty food and great beer. If you don’t already know about Pfriem, keep reading here to find out more about this lively spot:

Hood River is much more lively these days along its waterfront on a chill winter day, what with Pfriem Family Brewers pouring Belgian-style beers it makes and serving up locally sourced menu items.

It’s a bit far from the nearest ski area (35 miles to Mt. Hood Meadows), but that doesn’t disqualify Pfriem from being one of the top go-to apres ski places in the Hood River Valley.

The Columbia River waterfront in Hood River has long had some industrial components to go with its summer recreation facilities. But more recently, the Port of Hood River has had luck connecting with hospitality businesses that bring active people looking for a good time toward the river when the Port’s Waterfront Business Park would have otherwise been a ghost town.

Pfriem is the third-largest micro brewery in Hood River, after opening in August 2012. Owner Josh Pfreim said it brews about 2,500 barrels (which nevertheless is pretty good size for a micro brewer), but is a lot smaller than Full Sail Brewing’s 100,000 barrels (506 Columbia St.) and Double Mountain’s 10,000 barrels (8 Fourth St.). Those two also attract a lively crowd looking for refreshment after a hard day of play to their more centralized downtown locations.

Pfriem (pronounced freem) uses pF as its logo and pFriem in its advertising, to help people pronounce the name and to emphasize the “Family-friendly” nature of the business. Pfriem trucks plenty of its beer to Portland’s high-end restaurants and brew houses (also to Mt. Hood Meadows) and plans to begin bottling next year.

Vibe: This is a family-friendly industrial-style beer house, with a mix of small and large tables and seats at the bar; no games (except for the kids play area), no TV.

Location: 707 Portway Ave., Suite 101; take Hood River I-84 exit No. 63 and drive north on Second Street toward the water. Turn left at the T intersection on Portway and drive about a quartermile. There’s plenty of parking.

Phone, web:
Hours: Daily 11:30 to 9 p.m, with a new happy hour 3-5 p.m. beginning this week on weekdays.

Menu: When pressed, the owner recommended two apres ski options: a Mt. Shadow Burger (local grass-fed beef, $11) with a Belgian winter ale ($4.50 for 16 oz.), or mussles and frites ($15) with a Belgian strong dark ($4.50, but only 8 oz. because alcohol is 10.25 percent).

Neighbors: When Pfriem is busy, you can try Solstice Wood Fire Cafe a few doors down (502 Portway Ave.; it moved across the river from Bingen, Wash., on Dec. 12). This is Hood River’s favorite pizzeria, so is likely to be even busier than the brew house. Coming to the neighborhood is the Camp 1805 Distillery (501 Portway Ave.) next year. 

Lodging: Best Western Hood River Inn is connected to the port’s newest business district by a walking path (should the weather cooperate); it, too, has an active club scene in its Cebu Lounge; 1108 E. Marina Way, 541-386-2200.

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