A very popular hike in the Columbia River Gorge is the Mosier Twin Tunnels Hike. These tunnels had been used from 1921 until 1954 in order to get through the high rock point. In 2000 the tunnels were reopen for tourist use after rebuilding and resurfacing the road. Now you can enjoy the Mosier Twin Tunnels with a moderately difficult hike. This hike is 8.5 mile round trip with a 1000 foot elevation gain. Not only is this a great family hike, but it is also a great location for some once in a lifetime photo opportunities. Read details about the Mosier Twin Tunnels Hike below.

From the parking lot, head up the paved track into woods of Douglas-fir and big-leaf maple with some oaks. The road drops and is lined by maples on the river side. Pass a trickling waterfall on a shady face. There’s a picnic table here. The road drops along a walled section that gives views of the river. The road continues to drop and reenters woods with some views. Then the path rises past an prominent outcrop on the left, with a large pond in an old quarry area. A gravel path leads left at the top of the rise. Walk up and get great views looking east across meadows with blooming serviceberry bushes. This area is fenced. From the fence, you can also look out over the pond in the old quarry.
The road drops from this point and then rises again. There’s a viewpoint of Eighteenmile Island, and then there’s a long wooded downhill stretch leading to a view of Eighteenmile Island and Coyote Wall. The road rises to the covered Twin Tunnels Catchment Structure at the west portal to the tunnels and then enters the two tunnels proper. The second tunnel has two windows, known as adits, looking out over the river. There are outside viewpoints now blocked to the public. Past the second window (and MP 72) is a message scratched into the rock by a 1921 hunting party that was snowbound here.

SRC: Read more about the Mosier Twin Tunnels Hike at: www.portlandhikersfieldguide.org/wiki/Mosier_Twin_Tunnels_Hike

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