Larch Mountain Trail

Posted by West Columbia Gorge Chamber on Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Larch Mountain is available to hike, but if you want to experience this natural wonder please do so in the next month or so, while it’s beauty is still visible. As the weather turns for winter, the days grow shorter and sights are harder to view from Larch Mountain. If your on the fence of wither you should make a go of Larch Mountain this year or not, read the review below and your decision may be easier to make.

“One of the lesser known natural attractions near Portland”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 29, 2014

Every time I visit this place I say I should come more. It takes about 40 minute drive from Portland to get to the top. The last 14 miles are up hill winding good paved road brings you to about 4000 ft height from Hwy 84 by the Columbia River. From the parking lot you have access to picnic spots, hike trails or follow nice paved path to spot at very top and a stone structure/platform that is above it all. You can see from this all the mountains around you in all directions vis well marked brass plaques with names and distance from you. One a hot day you lose 20 degrees so enjoy natures A/C. At night it is perfect dark sky spot other than aircraft heading for PDX. Last night July 28 we saw 10-15 meteors an hour between 11- 2am. This area is open when snow allows only. It is part of Mt. Hood National Forest, with pay for day use and has day use toilets, but forget them at night as not in parking area. Take flash or head mount lights, warm clothes and seating if going after
dark to see the milky way or hike path to top. Enjoy this treasure as I know you will. Also be quiet and respect others trying to enjoy the solitude here. You will see satellites, meteors and watch as stars wink as bats fly above.
Ron of Portland, Oregon

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