photo by Jim Stringfellow

Check out the 14th Annual Bridge of the Gods Kite Fest on the Columbia River Gorge. The Bridge of the Gods is the launch pad for the event, but Hood River will have a event site as well. There will be a food court and beer garden as well as lots of kite borders to fill your weekend with entertainment, on July 25th, 26th and 27th. Read more details about the competition below.

Five categories of riders are encouraged to consider registration in the BOTG Kite Fest: Men, Women, Groms, Lady Groms, and Masters.  The Pro competition features team riders, pro and semi-pro riders, along with previous winners competing against each other for cash prizes. Other categories are as their names would indicate. All riders in every event are expected to impress the judges with freestyle maneuvers, rated on difficulty, style, height, variety, sportsmanship and overall impression.

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