King of Roads Historic Columbia River Highway Centennial
 is a special dedication video for the restoration of the Historic Columbia River Highway hoping to be completed by 2016 for the 100 year celebration of this Highway. This video takes you on a journey along the Columbia River Highway, along the Columbia River Gorge, displaying it’s beauty and significate world wide history. Learn why this Highway is like no other in the world just by watching this short entertaining and informative video. Not able to watch this video now? Read the video description below and be inspired to come back when your available to view the video.

Conceived of by Sam Hill, who hired Sam Lancaster as his chief engineer, the historic Columbia River Highway connects Portland Oregon through the majestic Columbia River Gorge to points east. Dedicated in 2016 it was the first highway in the US constructed primarily for sightseeing. Today the highway is being restored in time for it’s centennial in 2016 so that it can be used again for it’s original purpose. If you enjoy this video please let us know by subscribing to our channel here and/or by visiting We plan to produce a more comprehensive documentary about the highway and it’s effects on the Gorge, past, present and future. We will keep you posted as we continue. Our goal is to complete this project in time for the Highway centennial in 2016. We need your support to reach this goal. Thanks!

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