The apple, pear and cherry orchards of the Hood River Valley spread beneath the northern slope of 11,245-foot Mount Hood. (Photo by Barb Gonzalez)

Hood River Valley is a must see, and April is a fantastic time to see it. This is a great place to get fresh grown fruit, check out when the best time is to come taste your favorites.

July: cherries and apricots
August: peaches, Bartlett pears and Gravenstein apples
September: Anjou pears, Bosc pears, red and Golden Delicious apples
October: heirloom and honeycrisp apples

Read more great things to check out while in Hood River below.

A city of about 7,500 people, Hood River is well known not only for its orchards, but as an international hub for wind surfing and kiteboarding on the Columbia River. The top venue for those water sports is Hood River Waterfront Park, across Interstate 84 from the downtown sector.
But the most surprising attraction in town is three miles south of downtown, in the orchard-rich valley. Locals know it as “WAAAM,” an acronym for the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum.

Lodged in a historic bank building, its Grecian columns rising high above Hood River’s main street, this combination art gallery, wine and tapas bar displays an intriguing variety of creations — canvas, metal, fabric — including co-owner Claudia Lane’s own collection of 1960s’ psychedelic concert posters.  

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