Trillium’s in the Columbia Gorge

Trillium is not just another forest flower, it signifies that better weather is on the way. After the snow clears the Trillium is one of the first wildflowers to appear in many places. She lets the forest know it is time to wake up and lets the hikers know that the mud will soon dry. Read more interesting reasons to keep an eye out for this wildflower in the Columbia River Gorge.

You’ll see the flowers in early spring in any forested area; late March and early April are prime time. Trilliums thrive on well-watered, undisturbed hillsides. You might even have them in your backyard. But there’s nothing like seeing broad swaths of them, especially during hikes that offer their own intrinsic rewards.
The greater Portland area is one of the best places to see these flowers in the wild. And the Columbia Gorge’s steep, waterfall-splashed and sun-dappled slopes are perfect habitat for both the flowers and the hikers who love them.

SRC: Check out the Seattle Times for the entire article.

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