The 2015 Grand Prix of Portland is in danger of not happening due to a lack of sponsor support. The cost of an event such as the Grand Prix of Portland is high, the reasoning for the high cost is the housing of Word Tour teams, funding a headquarters office, a prize purse, permitting fees and more. Nonbox is trying to secure sponsor contracts for this event by March 1st, 2015 in order for this event to occur. Read about the some of the challenges and benefits of having the Grand Prix of Portland could bring below.

Another challenge of planning the route, Toland says, is the presence of light rail and streetcar tracks and Portland’s “compressed geography.” Then there’s the community engagement that has to happen on residential streets through the West Hills. On that note, Toland said the Mayor’s Office has been “tremendously supportive.” “My hat is off to his policy directors, they have off-the-hook enthusiasm and everyone is behind this.”
They have reason to be enthused. A similar race, the 2005 San Francisco Grand Prix, generated an estimated $36 million for that city’s economy. A week-long stage race in Colorado this past summer had a $130 million economic impact.

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