Download your free copy of Day Hiking Columbia River Gorge: National Scenic Area, Silver Star Scenic Area, Portland-Vancouver to The Dalles by Craig Romano. This book includes ratings of difficulty of hikes, photos and more. Click here for your FREE download. Read a description of this book below.

The most expansive and up-to-date hiking coverage of the Columbia River Gorge region. The Columbia River Gorge forms much of the long border between Washington and Oregon, offering hikers a multitude of beautiful trails. Famous for its cascading waterfalls, the region offers spectacular views of the mighty river and its windswept bluffs, as well as stunning panoramas of the surrounding landscape and peaks including Mount Hood, Mount St Helens, and Mount Adams. 
Day Hiking: Columbia River Gorge features over 100 day hikes on both sides of the river, extensive year-round hiking options, and trails in the National Scenic Area, Silver Star Scenic Area, Trapper Creek, Clark County, and beyond.

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