The Columbia River Gorge has many beautiful waterfalls worth visiting including Fairy Falls. In order to visit Fairy Falls a moderate hike is in order but well worth the effort. It is a 2 mile hike round trip with an elevation gain of 800 feet. Fairy Falls is a great hike for any season and is a good one to take the kids on. Start this hike at the Wakeena Trailhead then follow your way to Fairy Falls, you will be glad you did. Read details about this hike below.

The trail starts with some beautiful stonework and a wooden bridge over Wahkeena Creek. Make sure you’re headed right here. The trail to the left leads to Multnomah Falls. The trail climbs in one long switchback to a stone bridge at the base of Wahkeena Falls. Expect a bit of spray on the trail here year-round. In winter, things can get really icy. A large log here was cut away to clear the trail after it fell down the falls. After the falls, look across the valley at the trail you just traveled and you’ll see old stonework that’s slid from the trail. A bench makes a good resting spot, or a turnaround if you’re pressed for time.
From here, the trail starts up a pretty steep section, climbing about 600′ in about half a mile. I have several guidebooks that reference 10 switchbacks, but I counted 12. There are beautiful rock walls, another bench cemented into a wall and better views the higher you climb. The most alert hikers will find a Lego cemented into one of the walls. At the top of this first climb, you’ll crest a ridge. Follow the pavement out to the point, called Lemmon’s Viewpoint. A plaque here commemorates a firefighter who gave his life fighting forest fires near here. The views from the point are really good up and down the river.

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