One of the many great things the Columbia River Gorge has to offer is its perfect climate for grape growing, this means wine. There are many options when it comes to wine tasting in the gorge, Columbia Crest and Syncline are a couple. The Columbia River Highway is also packed full of easily viewed waterfalls, including Multnomah Falls, Elowah Falls, Tunnel Falls and the Oneonta Gorge. Read a description of Roadtrippers: Anna Hider’s experience in the Gorge.

There’s zero doubt that the Columbia River Gorge is gorge-ous– Oregon even declared it one of their Seven Wonders. The best way to explore this Oregonian treasure? Start your road trip in Portland, then head East along the historic Columbia River Parkway, and end your trip in nearby Walla Walla, Washington (fun to say, huh?). Along the way, you’ll cruise past breathtaking waterfalls and peaceful wineries– sounds like the perfect vacation!

SRC: For more photos of Anna Hider’s Columbia River Gorge experience visit: Roadtrippers.

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