Join the City of Corbett this 4th of July at the Corbett Fun Fest. Watch the K9 Kings Flying Dog Show once, twice you could even watch all three of their performances at the Corbett Fun Fest. The K9 Kings Flying Dog Show is a 30 minute performance that will occur from 12:15 pm -12:45 pm, 3:00 pm – 3:30 pm and one last time from 4:30 on – 5:00 pm, you won’t want to miss these amazing dogs. Learn more about the K9 Kings Flying Dog Show below.

Long before J.D. ever watched one of his canines launch into the air, he had an appreciation for terms like Big Air! Hang time! For thirteen years J.D. was a professional snowboard competitor. Thus it seems quite appropriate that his team of canine athletes would continue his tradition of amazing high flying stunts. In the mid 90s, while still an active snowboard competitor he met a disc dog entertainer who introduced him to the sport of canine flying disc. 

SRC: Get a full Corbett Fun Fest 4th of July line-up at:

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