The Corbett Children’s Theater presents You Can’t Take It With You by Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman starting April 30th. This performance is based on the classic 1950’s comedy about life. The Corbett Children’s Theater has moved to The Chapel located at 27132 SE Stark Street in Troudale Oregon. Learn more about the Corbett Children’s Theater below.

DevelopingWhat do theatre kids learn? You might be surprised to learn that the primary things kids learn in a children’s theater are life skills like Teamwork, Problem Solving, Focus, and the Ability to Meet Deadlines. Sure they learn to sing, dance, and act, and those are useful skills, but the ability to think on your feet and confidently face a room full of people are skills that every individual can benefit from.

Think of it this way; in the theatre a performer is portraying a character who reacts differently from the way they naturally react to the same stimuli and they have to do it with a roomful of people watching them, while knowing the director is evaluating their performance and at the same time that they can see the chaos that is taking place backstage while…More About What CCT Youth Learn Coming Soon

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