City of Wood Village


City of Wood Village

Wood Village is the ideal base camp to live, work and play in the Portland Area.  We are the portal to the region, 15 minutes to PDX, 20 minutes to downtown Portland, and an hour from Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  Wood Village is literally at the edge of the Columbia River Gorge, near the easterly edge of the Portland Metropolitan Area.  Development in Wood Village includes a town center with over 360,000 square feet of retail shopping including Fred Meyers, Kohl’s, Lowes, and supporting retailers.  Wood Village also has Wal-Mart, fast food outlets, convenience stores, restaurants, fuel, lodging, RV specialty support, and most importantly, a friendly small town environment in the midst of the metropolitan area.  Wood Village is an ideal place to call home and make your base camp for journeys on the scenic Mount Hood Highway or on the Historic Columbia River Highway.  We have everything you need in one square mile.


Mayor:  Scott Harden
City Manager:  Greg Dirks


City Hall

23335 NE Halsey
Wood Village, OR 97060-2812
(503) 667-6211


Other City Contacts:

  1. Land Use
    1. Verification of uses in a zone: Johnathon Pierce; 503-489-6859,
    2. Simple Land Use Permits: Johnathon Pierce; 503-489-6859,
    3. Major Land Use Issues (conditional uses, code issues, changes, site plan or building design review): Johnathon Pierce; 503-489-6859,
  1. Building Permits
    1. Plumbing, electrical, mechanical and building permit or inspection contact for approved locations: Erika Olivares, 503-489-6861,
    2. Applications for building construction permits: Erika Olivares, 503-489-6861, 
    3. Access permits: City Streets; Erika Olivares, 503-489-6861, County Streets – Multnomah County Transportation 503-988-5050
    4. Street Cut or Encroachment Permits – City Streets: Johnathon Pierce; 503-489-6859, 
    5. County Streets – Multnomah County Transportation 503-988-5050
  1. Economic Development
    1. New or Potential Development Contact: Greg Dirks; 503-489-6854,
      1. Enterprise Zone: Greg Dirks; 503-489-6854,
      2. Zone Manager:  Greg Dirks;  503-489-6854,
      3. Urban Renewal: Greg Dirks; 503-489-6856,