City of Troutdale – Welcome to the Gateway to the Gorge!

Troutdale is a city on the eastern edge of the Portland metropolitan area near the confluence of the Sandy and Columbia rivers. It is the connection between a network of thriving and emerging cities and the world-class outdoor recreation areas of the Columbia River Gorge and Mount Hood. We are about 17 miles from downtown Portland, 12 miles from Portland International Airport and 14 miles from the world famous Multnomah Falls. The city is bordered on the east by the Sandy River, on the north by the Columbia River, on the south by Gresham, and on the west by Wood Village.

Mayor:  Randy Lauer
City Manager:  Ray Young



City Hall

219 E. Historic Columbia River Hwy 
Troutdale, OR 97060

Other City Contacts

      A.  Land Use/ Planning
            1.  General Inquires & Zoning Verifications:
                 Planning Division;  (503) 674-7230
             2. Major Land Use Issues (conditional uses, code issues, changes, site plan or building design review):
                 Planning Division;  (503) 674-7230

     B.  Permits ( Building/ROW/Tree)
           1.  Building Permits
                Building Division (503) 674-7247
           2.  Tree Permits (Removal/Replacement):
                 Parks division:  (503)674-7271
           3.  City Streets (Right-of-Way):
                Public Works Department:  (503)674-3312
           4.  County Streets
                 Multnomah County Transportation (503) 988-5050
           5.  Code Compliance
                 Joe Storagee (503)491-4009
                 To report a code case, click here

    C.   Economic Development
           1.  Inquiries or Potential Development:
                Marlee Boxler; (503)674-7248
           2.  Specific programs:   Enterprise Zone, Urban Renewal, etc.
                Marlee Boxler; (503)674-7248