City of Fairview

City of Fairview

The City of Fairview was incorporated in 1908, and has historically been a farming and residential community. One of the state’s largest berry producers, Townsend Farms, is a third generation family-owned business and is one of Fairview’s largest businesses.  Fairview Creek is one of the city’s finer natural features flowing from the southern edge of the city to Fairview Lake. Blue Lake lies between Fairview Lake and the Columbia River. With a harmonious balance of natural features and vacant developable land, the city of Fairview is one of the more desirable locations in East Multnomah County. 

One of the more interesting historical landmarks is Fairview’s original two-cell jail built in 1915, located in Nachakokee Park (the Nachakokee Indian tribe was located in the Fairview area). A former Indian village on the west end of Blue Lake Park has become an archaeological study area.

The historic Heslin family house was built in circa 1890. It is an example of Western Farmhouse architecture and is the location of the Heslin House Museum. The City of Fairview has completed a survey of 127 historical sites, which includes Smith Memorial Church, built over 130 years ago.


Mayor:  Brian Cooper
City Manager:  Nolan Young 


City Hall

1300 NE Village Street  
Fairview, OR 97024
Phone: 503-665-7929
Fax: 503-666-0888


Other City Contacts:

  1. Land Use
    1. Verification of uses in a zone: Sarah Selden; 503-674-6242;
    2. Simple Land Use Permits: Sarah Selden; 503-674-6242;
    3. Major Land Use Issues (conditional uses, code issues, changes, site plan or building design review): Sarah Selden; 503-674-6242;
  1. Building Permits
    1. Plumbing, electrical, mechanical and building permit or inspection contact for approved locations: Yvette Lock; 503-674-6205;
    2. Applications for building construction permits: Yvette Lock; 503-674-6205;
  1. Transportation
    1. Access permits: City Streets; Yvette Lock; 503-674-6205;; Miguel Sanchez; 503-674-6234;
    2. Street Cut or Encroachment Permits – City Streets:  Miguel Sanchez; 503-674-6205; 
    3. County Streets –  Miguel Sanchez; 503-674-6205;; Multnomah County Transportation:  503-988-5050 
  1. Economic Development
    1. New or Potential Development Contact: Sarah Selden; 503-674-6206; Allan Berry; 503-674-6235
    2. Specific program Contacts
      1. Enterprise Zone: Zone Manager: Sarah Selden; 503-674-6206