City of Cascade Locks


City of Cascade Locks

Cascade Locks is where the Bridge of the Gods spans the Heart of the Gorge; where mountain, wind, and water create the best sailing in the Pacific Northwest; and where the “CL” on the license plate stands for Cascade Locks, the second largest city in Hood River County!   Cascade Locks is a very historic town in the heart of the Columbia River Gorge and the Cascade Mountains in Oregon.  It is one of the oldest towns on the Columbia River, originating in 1853 when three white families settled here alongside the Indian families who already lived here.  The Gorge is the only National Scenic Area in Oregon, the second named in the United States in 1986,  so it’s a very beautiful place to live and work.   The City of Cascade Locks is an equal opportunity employer and service provider.  If you visit the city’s website, you will get a feeling for what a beautiful place it is.  The current population as of 2020 is 1420.


Mayor:  Bobby Walker
City Administrator:  Gordon Zimmerman,  541-374-8484


Cascade Locks City Hall
P.O. Box 308
140 SW WaNaPa,  Cascade Locks, OR 97014
(541) 374-8484 
(541) 374-8752 Fax

Other City Contacts:

  1. All Services and Support:   Gordon Zimmerman, City Administrator, 541.374.8484,; or Olga Kaganova, Port General Manager for the Port of Cascade Locks, 541-374-2407,


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