A Pika is a rock-dwelling critter in the rabbit and hare family. The U.S. Geological Survey researchers along with the Oregon Zoo Foundation are conducting a census of these little critters through September. Normally these Pikas are found in hight-altitude habitats, but the Columbia Gorge is home to the lowest-elevation-dwelling pikas in the US. Read more about the study of the gorge pikas below.

The aim of the USGS study is to gain more information about gorge pikas’ distribution to help in any future conservation and management efforts and to learn something about climate change resistance.
When the three-year study concludes in September, researchers and about 175 volunteers (aka citizen scientists) will have surveyed more than 50 miles of the gorge on both sides of the Columbia River, from Troutdale to Hood River and Camas, Wash., to White Salmon, Wash.

For full article on the Columbia Gorge Pika visit: OregonLive.

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