Free for Download, Read the Columbia River Gorge : National Treasure on the Old Oregon Trail. This book was published September 24th, 2003 and is full of the early history of the Columbia Gorge, the settlers activities and so much more. Read a detailed description of this book below.

Lying in the shadows of Mt. Hood and the Cascade peaks, Columbia River Gorge is as rich in history as the bounty its fertile soils provide. From the numerous native tribes, Lewis & Clark, and famed botanist David Douglas to a guru’s siege at Antelope and the modern Gorge’s reputation for world-class windsurfing, its stories shape the area into a thriving chain of distinctive communities. The Gorge meshes its vibrant past with a stunning physical backdrop to provide the perfect vista for all who are curious about this alluring region.

SRC: For Free Download visit: Download Columbia River Gorge: National Treasure on the Old Oregon Trail by Cheryl Dohnal.

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