The Oregon State University released this video and in an instant you can see why the Columbia River Gorge is a must see destination. The beauty of the Gorge is undeniable, the opportunity for adventure is limitless and the inspiration to engage in this environment is addictive. Read a description from the Oregon State University below, and do not cheat yourself out of viewing this amazing video.

The Columbia River Gorge is full of magic. The roughly 80-mile canyon — stretching east from the mouth of the Sandy River in Troutdale to the confluence of the Deschutes River just east of The Dalles — forms the boundary between Oregon and Washington. The scenery — with the mile-wide river, multiple waterfalls, towering Mount Hood and a landscape that transforms from lush forests to dry grasslands as you travel east — can take your breath away, even if you’re just driving through. Lewis and Clark passed through on their transcontinental journey in 1805, and today the gorge attracts visitors from around the world, including wind surfers and kite boarders who take advantage of its strong, steady winds. Agriculture was — and is — a cornerstone of the economy, with hundreds of family-owned apple, pear and cherry orchards, plus a burgeoning wine industry and craft-brewing community. But the gorge is also fast becoming a center of industry, including aerospace, high tech and energy.   

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