If you fish it could be helpful to check into the ‘Reel Time Northwest’ fishing reports. These allow you to see where others are fishing, what they are catching, and learn of helpful tips on some sweet fishing spots or tactics. Read below last weeks overview of Salmon, Steelhead and Shad by Mark Yuasa.

On the lower Columbia this past weekend there were 286 salmonid boats and 82 Oregon bank anglers counted from Bonneville dam downstream to Tongue Point on Saturday’s (8/9) flight; and 804 Oregon boats at Buoy 10.  Anglers at Buoy 10 averaged 0.56 Chinook and 1.37 coho caught per boat.  In the gorge, boat anglers averaged 1.25 steelhead caught per boat, while anglers fishing the Portland to Westport area averaged 0.02 fall Chinook and 1.18 steelhead caught per boat.  In Troutdale, boat anglers averaged 0.26 steelhead caught per boat.  Bank anglers fishing in the gorge averaged 0.20 steelhead caught per rod, while anglers fishing the Portland to Westport area averaged 0.16 steelhead caught per angler.

SRC: Check out the full Fishing Report and others at: http://blogs.seattletimes.com/reeltimenorthwest/2014/08/14/oregon-fish-and-wildlife-columbia-river-fishing-reports-7/

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