The Portland Grand Tasting is this Friday, April 10th. The Portland Grand Tasting is the first of four major events where the Columbia Gorge Wine Passport can be used for exclusive offers, incredible discounts and unique experiences at 24 participating Gorge wineries. Then April 11th and 12th is the Passport Food & Wine Weekend followed by the Passport Gorge Grapes Weekend on April 18th and 19th. The Grand finale will be April 25th and 26th at the Passport Barrel & Reserve Tasting Weekend. The Columbia Gorge Wine Passport also provides special opportunities at participating wineries, listed below.

Wineries participating in April Passport Month include: 

  • Analemma Wines
  • AniChe Cellars
  • Cathedral Ridge Winery
  • Cerulean Wine, COR Cellars
  • Garnier Vineyards
  • The Gorge White House
  • Hood Crest Winery
  • Jacob Williams Winery
  • Major Creek (at Gorge White House)
  • Maryhill Winery
  • Memaloose / Idiot’s Grace
  • Mt. Hood Winery
  • Naked Winery
  • Pheasant Valley Winery
  • Phelps Creek Vineyards
  • The Pines 1852
  • Springhouse Cellar
  • Stoltz Winery
  • Sunshine Mill & Quenett Winery
  • Syncline Viento
  • Waving Tree Winery
  • White Salmon Vineyard 
  • Wy’East Vineyards

SRC: Learn how to get your Columbia Gorge Wine Passport at:

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