The Columbia River Gorge is a fantastic place for fishing. This time of year the temperature is rising so the bass are going into spawning mode, a great time to get out on the water with your pole. For tips on times, locations, and strategies for great spring time fishing read more below.

There are spring Chinook available in the Hood, Wind, Deschutes, and Columbia rivers.

The Deschutes has its annual salmonfly and stonefly hatch that has gained a reputation worldwide.

Summer steelhead are starting to trickle into the Hood and Klickitat rivers. Needless to say, options abound for a springtime angler.

Look for gently sloping bottom structure with small rocks or gravel.
Bass typically spawn in less than four feet of water and you can often see their spawning beds as a dark circle that is 1-4 feet in diameter.
If you are wading, be careful not to step on these beds as you may inadvertently kill off the next generation.

SRC: Read full article on Finding some bass in the Spring from The Dallas Chronicle.


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