Cascade Locks Beach & Sail Park

Posted by West Columbia Gorge Chamber on Friday, July 25, 2014

Current projects for the Port of Cascade Locks include improvements to the beach and surrounding area. The improvements would provide the Columbia Gorge Racing Association and the surrounding community better access and viewing accommodations. Read more on the current project for this Beach & Sail Park below.

Another exciting project the Port has in development is improvements to the beach and surrounding areas to better accommodate the community and the Columbia Gorge Racing Association. The Columbia River at Cascade Locks has become one of the most desirable destinations for sailboat competition in North America. The location has the right wind speeds, warm temperatures, fresh water body and scenic beauty superior to other sites. By making some minor developments to the Marine Park, sailboat racing in Cascade Locks will be able to expand the community’s tourism-based economy.

SRC: Find the Sail Park Feasibility Study and other Port of Cascade Locks Projects at:

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