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Board of Directors Interest Form

A form to submit a name for consideration towards the nomination of the West Columbia Gorge Chamber & Visitor Center's Board of Directors.
  • Please describe why you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors for our Chamber:
  • Please describe what you hope to achieve and what unique contribution you believe you can make to our Chamber:
  • Please provide information on your education, business experience/skill or equivalent life experience (previous occupations, business training, etc.). In lieu of answering, please feel free to attach a résumé.
  • Explain what unique contribution your skills and experience will provide to the Chamber and the Board:
  • Tell us about your organization or business:
  • Please provide information about other community involvement, leadership experience or boards on which you have served:
  • List the Chamber activities in which you have been involved as a participant or sponsor:
  • In your estimation, what are the four top issues facing the business community in our region, and why?
  • Expertise Checkboxes

    _________________________________________________________________________________________________ This profile will help the Chamber Nominating Committee improve its search for diverse, balanced and qualified Directors. A balanced Board of Directors includes businesses of various size, industry, location, and maturity. It also includes identification of expertise to help the Chamber serve its members and the business community in the most effective way possible.
  • Agree to the Following

    By hitting the submit button I agree to allow my name to be submitted for consideration of nomination to the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce for possible election to the Board of Directors. If I am elected to the Board of Directors, I agree to do the following: ‐ Provide leadership, operational and culture oversight ‐ Establish appropriate organizational policies ‐ Promote the Chamber, its programs, and ideals to members and the community ‐ Actively participate and attend regular Board Meetings and special meetings as may be required ‐ Actively participate and attend other selected committees, taskforces or activities ‐ Support special events ‐ Enter into full discussion and participation in policy decisions affecting the Chamber and business community ‐ When identified, maintain the confidentiality of select Board discussions. ‐ Attend the Board Orientation I understand the time commitment and personal involvement in my decision to pursue a position on the Board of Directors. I am willing to go through the selection process, devote myself to policy and outcomes and commit to being a representative for the Chamber using my skills to the best of my ability to help the Chamber reach its mission and goals.