Biking Mount Hood | Easier Bike Trails for Beginners

Posted by West Columbia Gorge Chamber on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Enjoy Mountain Biking? If you enjoy biking but you’re not an advanced rider you’ll want to visit Mount Hood for it’s Easier Bike Trails for Beginners. Below are five great options for easy beginner mountain biking trails to try at Mount Hood, ride safe!

Easier Bike Trails for Beginners
These trails offer flatter, wider trails, some with shorter or longer loop options.

Maggie’s/Crosstown/Wally’s Loop: 1.7 miles
Crosstown (one way): 2.7 miles
Old Salmon River to Green Canyon: 3.8 miles
Summit Trail (one way): 2.0 miles
Government Camp to Trillium Lake: 2.8 miles

SRC: View different Mt. Hood Biking difficulty options at:

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