Autumn Hiking in the Columbia River Gorge

Summer is headed out the door with Autumn sure to take over any moment. With Autumn comes beautiful fall colors in the trees and the swelling of waterfalls as the rain returns. This is a beautiful time of year for hiking in the Columbia River Gorge. Friends of the Columbia River Gorge has ranked the top five Autumn Hikes, they include: Cape Horn Loop in Washington, Eagle Creek Trail in Oregon, Klickitat Trail in Washington, Latourell Falls Loop in Oregon and Hamilton Mountain in Washington. Read more details on the Eagle Creek Trail in Oregon below.

Eagle Creek Trail or Wahclella Falls, Ore.: These two trails are a single entry because both follow creeks that provide excellent viewing of spawning salmon. From the parking lot you can view this seasonal spectacle The fun continues when hiking the trails. Both are of easy grade, but Wahclella Falls is more family-friendly (be careful of steep cliffs on the Eagle Creek trail). Also, Tanner Creek follows the trail closer on the Wahclella Falls hike.

Read the details for the top five Autumn hikes in the Columbia River Gorge at:

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