The Columbia River Gorge provides a unique combination of climates and soils which results in yielding 30 varieties of premium grapes. These variations of grapes provide diverse, interesting and complex varieties of the finest wines all in one region. Analemma Wines is located in Mosier Oregon, where they use organic farming practices on their vineyards. Analemma Wines is also moving towards organic practices for their orchards more each season. Read more about what Analemma Wines has to offer visitors below.

In the cellar, we work methodically to minimize fingerprints on the wines such as oxygen, heavy oak, and the effects of filtering. Through deliberate handling we strive to capture the essence of each of the vineyards that we farm, creating a window into the site’s soil, microclimate and culture. Each of our wines are produced in small quantities that allow us to keep our philosophy in practice. We believe that each wine’s vitality and vibrant character shines particularly bright because of the personal care taken from pruning to picking and pressing to bottling.

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