Seven-day, one-way itineraries between Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington are available for cruising on the American Empress. This vessel has beautiful art to admire inside with the breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge outside. An experience not to be missed. Read more about this cruise below.

Combine that with the rugged outdoorsy-ness of the region, and there seems to be less pressure on the paddlewheeler to be anything too fussy or even anything beyond a reasonable means of transport through this wondrous landscape.
But of course, the American Empress is much more than an adequate vessel.

Having learned from the relaunch of the 436-passenger American Queen in 2012, the executive team at AQSC has allowed that this project was far easier and the launch far smoother than that of the American Queen

SRC: View more pictures and read more about what the American Empress has to offer from Travel Weekly. 

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